As always, you do beautiful work! (nm)
Tue Oct 31, 2017 8:27pm

  • Tabasco!Pikes, Tue Oct 31 7:23pm
    Tabasco! Handies Peak was location of the Tabasco mine, and its original name was Tabasco, for the McIlhenny Tabasco Pepper Sauce Company who still own the ... more
    • Mountain vistas and lovely music,Poppet, Tue Oct 31 11:01pm
      What a superb mood-lifter... =)
      • It IS elevator musicPikes, Wed Nov 1 11:30am
        Elevators lift people to do business, and let them down gently to return safe to those who love them. All in the perspective. Funny how the one who coined that in disparagement nailed it in a way... more
    • As always, you do beautiful work! (nm) — Sia☺giah, Tue Oct 31 8:27pm
      • How did you like the commercial?Pikes, Tue Oct 31 9:53pm
        That opens and closes? Lyric: "(breath) MA -kiL-HEn-ny Ta-BA-sco sauce!" This work is also edited not to disturb. It's great, and then ethereal. The hardship at the end is the hardest race in the... more