Re: Conspiracy Against the United States
Wed Nov 1, 2017 6:49am

"Mueller and his department don't present a case unless they have such airtight evidence,"

Disagree. Mueller presents when he has a strong, albeit highly complicated, case in order to gain leverage. I think it's fairly straight forward that Mueller is far more interested in getting Flynn in an unwinnable position as that's the most surefire way of getting to all of the truth.

"it is virtually an open and shut deal. "

And this is part of the reason why I disagree: Mueller absolutely does not want to try this case. It's one thing for the forensic accountant at the FBI who studied mathematics on the graduate level at Columbia to understand what was done was illegal beyond a reasonable doubt, but it's a entirely different dumpling to get the taxi cab driver from Alexandria, Virginia to get his head around it all. The retired 3rd school teacher, Mrs. So-and-So, is exactly the sort juror Manafort's defense team would be drooling over if this makes it into a courtroom.

A confused jury is a jury that doesn't convict.

Mueller has a strong case, but he's well aware there's a not so small risk he'd be taking in court. But, as we see with Papadopoulos, Mueller is actually starting to shake the tree now and seeing what he can get to come loose. If the leaks surrounding Flynn are true, or mostly true, the smallest confirmations that Manafort can provide, under oath, makes all the difference in the world.

I think it's a fair assumption to conclude that Mueller is not in this to convict Manafort of financial crimes.

If the leaks about Flynn actually engaging in conversations with Russian agents, while using counter-intelligence means to thwart American intelligence and law enforcement agencies, are actually true, and Manafort can start providing collaboration, well Mueller is then building a case for treason.

Flynn's legal team has already stated their client has one whopper of a story to tell, and he'll tell it, but only after he gets full, ironclad, immunity.

Manafort, Papadopoulos, Gates. They were the money and facilitators, and with their previous investigations, they were the low hanging fruit as it were. If Mueller wants to get Trump, and personally I think that's exactly what he's gunning for, the best thing he could do is build the case up to Flynn. Personally, I think that's exactly what he's doing because if even some of those leaks are true, the key to getting Trump is Flynn.