It IS elevator music
Wed Nov 1, 2017 11:30am

Elevators lift people to do business, and let them down gently to return safe to those who love them.
All in the perspective. Funny how the one who coined that in disparagement nailed it in a way never intended.

Thought last night about what music of the 1930s in America said. You know, how arts really reflect public concerns, attitude, and opinion? Music then reflected two things. First was American isolationism, especially from the clearly brewing second European war. The other was concern about immigrants fleeing Europe for the US, and the irreconcilable differences in culture they brought. Especially the Jews. American businessmen admired Hitler for how he rebuilt Germany and made her great again. We refused shiploads of Jews fleeing the Nazis and Communists. Some wealthy, and others sold everything they owned to escape.

I always wanted to develop a class, history through eyes of the arts. Not politicians, wars and struggles, but how people felt. I kind of did that in my classes as far as possible in performance.