WOW. If there's solid evidence there, that's potentially
Wed Nov 1, 2017 11:40am

explosive information !! tRUMP and his family all seem to be so arrogant in their belief that they are somehow special & untouchable that they are grossly incompetent at covering their tracks or censoring their own mouths. The dONALD is the worst offender, but "Jr" isn't far behind him.

  • Russia??? WTF??? This could explain in part why the CIA/NSA were certain that there were Trump-Russia connections even before the campaign. Excerpts from:... more
    • What does this even mean?SES, Thu Nov 2 12:01pm
      "...while under investigation for colluding with a foreign adversary in a concerted effort to undermine American democracy...." What were they supposedly doing with the intent of "undermining... more
      • Methods matterJeeves, Thu Nov 2 12:09pm
        The Russians hacked into private email accounts and stole information. That's cyber crime. Knowingly participating in a criminal activity is usually called conspiracy. And you keep making the claim:... more