Where Manafort stated he had no overseas accounts...
Wed Nov 1, 2017 3:54pm

when he checked that box, he violated Federal law under penalty of perjury. There's no disputing this unless the documents released by Mr. Mueller are forgeries.

  • Re: Conspiracy Against the United StatesJiangshi, Wed Nov 1 6:49am
    "Mueller and his department don't present a case unless they have such airtight evidence," Disagree. Mueller presents when he has a strong, albeit highly complicated, case in order to gain leverage.... more
    • Where Manafort stated he had no overseas accounts... — HeavyHemi, Wed Nov 1 3:54pm
    • Something's missingJeeves, Wed Nov 1 2:21pm
    • I did not elaborate or speculate about Mueller's intent. Only that he had a solid case. The more solid, the better he is able to get what he wants. As you wrote, and we agree, it is a way to coax and ... more
    • I've been wondering if they planned to tie up the courts for as many years as all of those trials might take. Obviously, there's going to be SOME sweet deals to get to the top doggies. If Flynn is... more
      • Some through indictment, and others in flight on their own in effort to distance themselves from "corruption." I expect Trump children and Kushner to make it familial. Trump may be left an... more