What if Obama was elected by 29%
Thu Nov 2, 2017 1:04am

Many in the right never accepted his presidency and justified it with the birther conspiracy. Trump was one of them. If he only received 29% of the registered vote, republicans would have done everything in their power to end his presidency. Many still want his team, he and Clinton imprisoned. Skip the trial.

When Bill Clinton was elected, many republicans refused to accept his presidency because he only won 49% of the vote, split between he, George HW Bush and H Ross Perot. That was the first "non majority" win.

Fair and square Donald Trump? That's about as believable as fair and square Hillary Clinton.

  • g shady. As for media interference in the election, who cares what Russia did, look at what CNN and MSNBC published! But Trump won regardless. He was more innovative. Kept throwing new ideas out... more
    • What if Obama was elected by 29% — Pikes, Thu Nov 2 1:04am
      • So what?Ex-News Junkie, Thu Nov 2 7:39pm
        It's a legal combination of percentages. If the threshold had to be higher, then there would be a law or something. But there isn't. So when it happens you have to accept it regardless because it's... more
        • Acceptable to you. Not to me.Pikes, Thu Nov 2 9:57pm
          Some think we are a nation of laws, and what ever the law says, our thinking has been done. A law is a thing, and I don't put things before people. If a law doesn't serve people, it is a bad thing. I ... more