What does this even mean?
Thu Nov 2, 2017 12:01pm (XFF:

"...while under investigation for colluding with a foreign adversary in a concerted effort to undermine American democracy...."

What were they supposedly doing with the intent of "undermining American democracy"?

As far as I know, someone in Russia claimed to have damaging information on Hillary, and the accusation is that someone in the Trump campaign tried to get their hands on that information.

But what it really boils down to is the current buzz-word -- "opposition research".

EVERY campaign uses "opposition research". From whatever source. The DNC and the Hillary campaign used the so-called "dossier". Which was just "opposition research" [ The accusation is that they PAID a foreign agent for the information, which is illegal, but that said.... ].

How is obtaining "opposition research" -- from whatever source -- a "concerted effort to undermine American democracy"?

If that's the case, isn't every single Candidate, for ANY position, guilty of "a concerted effort to undermine American democracy" if they employed "opposition research"?