Ex-News Junkie
So what?
Thu Nov 2, 2017 7:39pm

It's a legal combination of percentages. If the threshold had to be higher, then there would be a law or something. But there isn't. So when it happens you have to accept it regardless because it's legal and therefore supposedly legit.

  • What if Obama was elected by 29%Pikes, Thu Nov 2 1:04am
    Many in the right never accepted his presidency and justified it with the birther conspiracy. Trump was one of them. If he only received 29% of the registered vote, republicans would have done... more
    • So what? — Ex-News Junkie, Thu Nov 2 7:39pm
      • Acceptable to you. Not to me.Pikes, Thu Nov 2 9:57pm
        Some think we are a nation of laws, and what ever the law says, our thinking has been done. A law is a thing, and I don't put things before people. If a law doesn't serve people, it is a bad thing. I ... more