Acceptable to you. Not to me.
Thu Nov 2, 2017 9:57pm

Some think we are a nation of laws, and what ever the law says, our thinking has been done.
A law is a thing, and I don't put things before people. If a law doesn't serve people, it is a bad thing.

I am not a follower. I don't try and push my beliefs on anyone else. What I believe works for me, and if somebody else is curious, I share. I am not the blank slate upon which only I wrote. I am the sum of what I learned. People, experiences and time all contributed. I found my way. Not the only way. Each person needs to find his own way.

I won't accept Trump, nor Clinton. Both represent a broken system. A broken country that didn't break overnight. Trump and Clinton are just two of the latest symptoms.

  • So what?Ex-News Junkie, Thu Nov 2 7:39pm
    It's a legal combination of percentages. If the threshold had to be higher, then there would be a law or something. But there isn't. So when it happens you have to accept it regardless because it's... more
    • Acceptable to you. Not to me. — Pikes, Thu Nov 2 9:57pm