Warren misplaced trust and was burned
Fri Nov 3, 2017 11:09am

Was a good lesson for her. Shows Clinton's unscrupulousness.

If the DNC believes to save themselves all they must do is be themselves and get rid of Trump, or wait for Trump to implode and then slip in unchanged, then they're fools. They need to listen to Sanders and Warren who better than any I know of, represent working class people.

  • And yes, this Bernie "Bro" is both seething and muttering "I f ucking told you so."
    • Warren misplaced trust and was burned — Pikes, Fri Nov 3 11:09am
      • They won't listen.Poppet, Sat Nov 4 2:55pm
        The Democratic leadership (and I use the term loosely) has been beholden to their corporate paymasters for too long to change. Moreover, they've just purged their only real opposition. The party will ... more
        • Listen to my suggestion? Pikes, Sat Nov 4 8:54pm
          I am a tiny little ant. A minute (my noot) fly. A dismissed music teacher by the exact same kind of politics that promoted Clinton. The district didn't save itself. Neither will the country. One... more