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Fri Nov 3, 2017 1:50pm (XFF:

Um. I was responding to the article that was posted here?

That's kinda how it works sometimes. Someone links to an article, and people comment on it?

The article talked about malpractice, arrogance, mismanagement, poor strategy, ignoring mid-west workers, etc.

No. Hillary was just a sucky Candidate, with no message, other than "Vote for me, I have a vagina".

  • You really think so?Jeeves, Fri Nov 3 12:31pm
    " Why can't they just admit that Hillary was a shitty Candidate who ran on NOTHING and be done with it? " Who here is doing that?
    • You must be new here. — SES, Fri Nov 3 1:50pm
      • The article that said this?Jeeves, Fri Nov 3 2:02pm
        " The DNC screwed the pooch when they allowed Hill and Bill to hijack them. The DNC needs to purge themselves of all things Clinton and take advantage of the opportunity that President Trump is... more
        • Yes. The one that closes with...SES, Fri Nov 3 3:26pm
          The Democrats need to have their own honest debate, and it cannot truly begin until they take off their rose-colored glasses and see clearly for the first time the candidate they presented to... more
          • That horse is dead.Jeeves, Fri Nov 3 3:43pm
            " In other words, Democrats STILL do not realize that it was Hillary " I think everyone on this board, whether "Democrats" or not, realizes that Clinton was an awful candidate and is responsible for... more