Watch it go by
Mon Nov 6, 2017 2:23am

If it is going to miss, be like that pro tennis player and just stand there and watch it go by. You almost smile, knowing the other guy expended his best, most colossal energy to deliver something nullified by the line judge's squeaky little call, "Out!"

You spent no energy. Wasted no energy. Avoided the unnecessary. You didn't have to do a thing. Not even step out of the way! You totally conserved your resources, while he totally, completely wasted his.

If their missile hits, then you have cause for response. You then have the right to take what ever step is necessary to ensure another missile hit won't happen. That includes removal of the responsible people by what ever means are necessary.

Following 9-11 we had cause to do that, and we didn't. No other country would have faulted our response. Among many other things, our weak response enabled Kim Jong Un to believe he could destroy the US. Who knows how many other minor terrorists were empowered by our weakness?

Insult to injury, we have a moron incapable of leadership. A president who wastes his time on Twitter tweeting - or rather trolling in response to the insignificant. Shallow. Thin skinned. Insubstantial. Petty. Unpresidential.

Trump must buy everything in his life. Friends, wives, women, employees, servants, power... the presidency. Earns none of it on his own merit, scholarship, or intelligence. Those who admire him do so for one reason; his money.

Shinzu and his friends laughed, "彼の帽子のサイズは3-3 / 8です,髪を持つ8-7/8, 髪の毛無し3-3/8" " Kare no bōshi no saizu wa kami 8-7/8 o motsu kaminoke nashi3 - 3/ 8 desu," (His hat size is 8-7/8 with hair, or 3-3/8 without hair)

Trump may be short on diplomacy, presidential temperament and protocols, but he has decades of vast, deep, professional experience in corruption, collusion, and conspiracy. He achieved more than all mob families combined, and questions about its legality are tied up in appeals courts indefinitely. If Mueller's investigation reaches him, expect a vicious legal fight which he will use for a delay tactic to "complete" his presidency. He doesn't play by "rules." Clinton's critics say she's corrupt. She's an amateur. Criminal corruption, collusion, and conspiracy against the United States should be left to professionals like Trump.

  • I agree with TrumpEx-News Junkie, Mon Nov 6 1:11am
    As long as North Korea is making threats every missile they fire should be destroyed. In fact I'd go one better if I were the Japanese - After destroying the missile NK launched over Japanese... more
    • Watch it go by — Pikes, Mon Nov 6 2:23am
      • Watch them develop nuclear weaponsEx-News Junkie, Mon Nov 6 3:21pm
        Watch them test nuclear weapons. Watch them develop ICBMs. Watch them mount nuclear weapons on ICBMs. Watch them launch... Watch their strength grow...
        • That is different from a missile fly overPikes, Mon Nov 6 9:39pm
          One must respond to the right thing. The missile fly over isn't it. Development of the hydrogen bomb is. It demands an international response. If China chooses not to respond, consequences for when... more