Hopefully, it will be
Mon Nov 6, 2017 1:55pm

Sounds like something Trump could sign as an executive order.

  • isn't automatically entered into the system upon conviction. That could be implemented immediately.
    • It certainly should be. (nm)Poppet, Mon Nov 6 2:11pm
      • Add timePikes, Mon Nov 6 6:46pm
        To double check, triple check, quadruple check, quintuple check, and then check again to make certain diarrhea like this doesn't slip through any cracks. However long that takes to complete, let it.... more
        • I prefer to do it in advance...Sprout, Tue Nov 7 9:40am
          Rather than create a system that delays things at point of sale, create a system of PRE-checks... Kind of like the pre-check system they have with TSA now at the airports where individuals can be... more
        • ...which I think we should, then the system needs to be as robust as possible. This is something well worth funding at the federal level (see Sprout's reply to me about the data reporting being an... more
    • Hopefully, it will be — Jeeves, Mon Nov 6 1:55pm
      • civilian. I personally know of several people who had repeated DUI's while active duty. Many states grandfather state licenses for the duration of your enlistment. Meaning, as long as you're active... more
      • was that a dishonorable discharge (which HAD to be given by a court martial) was ALMOST always going to leave the defendant with the equivalent of a federal felony conviction on their record. I... more