My recollection, though certainly not recent...
Mon Nov 6, 2017 2:33pm

was that a dishonorable discharge (which HAD to be given by a court martial) was ALMOST always going to leave the defendant with the equivalent of a federal felony conviction on their record. I wonder if it is a legal hair splitting matter of it might be EQUIVALENT, but might not search as an ACTUAL felony conviction... We were always told that if you got a dishonorable discharge you could pretty much figure on not getting any sort of a decent job or anything else because you were a federal felony convict.

Certainly if it is SOLELY a matter of data not being shared with the FBI, then it is probably something that each service's JAG could correct, or could be corrected by a policy change at the DOD level, or as you suggest by executive order...

If it is a legal definition thing, it may require a change in UCMJ, or even potentially a law change.

  • Hopefully, it will beJeeves, Mon Nov 6 1:55pm
    Sounds like something Trump could sign as an executive order.
    • My recollection, though certainly not recent... — Sprout, Mon Nov 6 2:33pm