Ex-News Junkie
Watch them develop nuclear weapons
Mon Nov 6, 2017 3:21pm

Watch them test nuclear weapons.

Watch them develop ICBMs.

Watch them mount nuclear weapons on ICBMs.

Watch them launch...

Watch their strength grow...

  • Watch it go byPikes, Mon Nov 6 2:23am
    If it is going to miss, be like that pro tennis player and just stand there and watch it go by. You almost smile, knowing the other guy expended his best, most colossal energy to deliver something... more
    • Watch them develop nuclear weapons — Ex-News Junkie, Mon Nov 6 3:21pm
      • That is different from a missile fly overPikes, Mon Nov 6 9:39pm
        One must respond to the right thing. The missile fly over isn't it. Development of the hydrogen bomb is. It demands an international response. If China chooses not to respond, consequences for when... more