There are other disconnects between the military and...
Mon Nov 6, 2017 5:59pm

civilian. I personally know of several people who had repeated DUI's while active duty. Many states grandfather state licenses for the duration of your enlistment. Meaning, as long as you're active duty, your drivers license doesn't expire. However, as far as the STATE is concerned, the FED is now the licensing authority and your driving record isn't updated by the state nor is a record, other than military records, maintained for the infractions. So, when these folks left active duty and needed to renew their license, their driving history while active duty is not recorded. They could have felony DUI, reckless, whatever, and leave with a spotless driving record.

  • Hopefully, it will beJeeves, Mon Nov 6 1:55pm
    Sounds like something Trump could sign as an executive order.
    • There are other disconnects between the military and... — HeavyHemi, Mon Nov 6 5:59pm
    • was that a dishonorable discharge (which HAD to be given by a court martial) was ALMOST always going to leave the defendant with the equivalent of a federal felony conviction on their record. I... more