That is different from a missile fly over
Mon Nov 6, 2017 9:39pm

One must respond to the right thing. The missile fly over isn't it. Development of the hydrogen bomb is. It demands an international response. If China chooses not to respond, consequences for when something Kim's people do wrong, and they will, that sends lethal radiation into China, is on them. Russia won't respond because 100,000 to 1 it's their nuclear physicists behind Kim's program. This is a way for Putin to lean on both Trump and Xi.

Frightening are the consequences in the hands of these "men."

  • Watch them develop nuclear weaponsEx-News Junkie, Mon Nov 6 3:21pm
    Watch them test nuclear weapons. Watch them develop ICBMs. Watch them mount nuclear weapons on ICBMs. Watch them launch... Watch their strength grow...
    • That is different from a missile fly over — Pikes, Mon Nov 6 9:39pm