I didn't read the lead post and won't.
Mon Nov 6, 2017 10:01pm

Shadow's first "engagement" with me was to inform me how arrogant and conceited I am. It went downhill from there.
I choose to not respond to any of them. I didn't read the lead post and won't. But I know it is disparagement of the Gay lifestyle. Not satire. Embrace of Trump by Televangelism and the religious right is possibly the worst thing that demography ever did. From Shadow to Pence, to Swaggart and Bakker, they're all the same. They speak for God when it is convenient and political for them.

  • Satire? It's a transparent attack on liberals andHeavyHemi, Mon Nov 6 12:27pm
    a defense of Trump. Over the years I've asked shadow several times how she follows the tenets of Jesus when this sort of toxic BS is typical of the garbage it posts. I have a particular revulsion for ... more
    • I didn't read the lead post and won't. — Pikes, Mon Nov 6 10:01pm
      • It's an obvious slap to the face of Kevin SpaceySia☺giah, Mon Nov 6 11:15pm
        as well as an attempt to kick liberals in the teeth. How anyone could find it actually amusing befuddles me because of the obvious shade thrown at gays disguised as slapping liberals.
        • My Dad - The RacistAmadeus, Tue Nov 7 10:57am
          I have warned them about how they are going to fare against the arc of history many times before. I used my own father as an example. When I was growing up, my father repeatedly used racist terms and ... more