I agree wholeheartedly....
Tue Nov 7, 2017 9:42am

IMO if a bill cannot get enough votes to pass without having to dodge the responsibility for paying for it, then it should not pass.

Every bill should be FULLY funded from the get go, and if there isn't enough money to pay for it, we either don't do it, or include in the bill the necessary cuts somewhere else to pay for it.

  • Unfunded mandatesPikes, Tue Nov 7 5:24am
    I would like to see every bill presented for debate to include a budget for implementation and support should it pass into law. If there is no budget specifically for implementation and support, the... more
    • I agree wholeheartedly.... — Sprout, Tue Nov 7 9:42am
      • "Cuts" can come by repealPikes, Tue Nov 7 11:52am
        of bad or outdated laws. No need to send those clowns on search and destroy missions of what good they don't like to cut. Something of a "make room" policy instead of an "add on" policy. US legal... more
        • Certainly so. Sprout, Tue Nov 7 12:28pm
          The bill can include another older law/program that it ends/cuts/repeals to free up the funds for the new piece of legislation. One suggestion I heard was a proposal to make every bill die after X... more