My Dad - The Racist
Tue Nov 7, 2017 10:57am (XFF:

I have warned them about how they are going to fare against the arc of history many times before. I used my own father as an example.

When I was growing up, my father repeatedly used racist terms and stereotypes. Obviously, living in the man's home and knowing that he was prone to violence if anyone countered his positions, I didn't challenge him at the time, but I saw society change around him. I saw most of us leave that type of thinking behind. Those who didn't (couldn't? wouldn't?) are reviled as bad people. At best, they're pitied as poor fools unable to transcend their mistakes of their generation. I warned them that a time was coming when society would turn against those who continued to discriminate against people for their sexual orientation. When they would be seen in the same light as the racists of past generations.

It's happening faster than I thought.

But those who hate are not happy about being pushed aside, and they've been emboldened by Trump's election. Of all the things I hold against our current Republican leadership, that is among the worst offenses.


  • It's an obvious slap to the face of Kevin SpaceySia☺giah, Mon Nov 6 11:15pm
    as well as an attempt to kick liberals in the teeth. How anyone could find it actually amusing befuddles me because of the obvious shade thrown at gays disguised as slapping liberals.
    • My Dad - The Racist — Amadeus, Tue Nov 7 10:57am