Oh, come on now. You're feigned inability to see...
Tue Nov 7, 2017 3:45pm (XFF:

...the humor in that situation is puzzling.

Libtards before the Election: "It is unbelievable that Trump won't accept the results of the election. That's un-American! AAAHHH!!!"

Libtards after the Election: "We refuse to accept the results of the election. NOT MY PRESIDENT!!! AAAHHH!!!"

Libtards before the election: "Trump can't win. It'll be Hillary in a landslide. It's going to be historic! YAY!!!"

Libtards after the election: "sob... sob... sob... sob..."

It's the juxtaposition from one day to the next that makes it so funny.

You should see the Young Turks one. It is hill-AIR-eous!