While the mainstream media definitely has it's issues...
Tue Nov 7, 2017 5:15pm

I can't really blame them entirely for their analysts failed prognostications on the election as even the most reputable polling companies got that one badly wrong, and showed some integrity in admitting it afterwards.

I was in the same boat honestly. I don't stay up to watch election returns. I went to bed that night with the assumption that Hillary was going to be the next president. I was very surprised when I checked the news when I woke up for work the next day.

While I generally don't have strong emotional responses to any politician or election, I guess I can understand unusually strong negative responses to Hillary's loss by her rank and file supporters in that they probably felt it was in the bag until just a few hours before it was over. I could imagine that night to have been something of an emotional roller coaster staring out higher than usual with the virtual certainty and celebratory mindset, all the way to the crash of the loss.

  • ...I needed an emotional pick-me-up. Now I just watch all of the Liberal crying Snowflakes on election night, 2016. No mystery why the Left Media reports 98% negative news stories on The Donald --... more
    • As your ilk shrinks into an ever irrelevant minority, you just get louder and more hysterical. It's pretty sad.
      • It's also entertaining to watch...SES, Wed Nov 8 10:30am
        ...the reaction videos of Seattle Seahawks fans when their Coach called a pass play from the four yard line resulting in a game-losing interception. I especially like the one with the "Why did they... more
        • Okay, but you're a birther so...HeavyHemi, Wed Nov 8 1:51pm
          that to me seems a bit more of an issue than your recollection of sports. Are you okay? What year was Obama born in Kenya?
    • While the mainstream media definitely has it's issues... — Sprout, Tue Nov 7 5:15pm