That is truly an 'irrational' thing to do for entertainment.
Tue Nov 7, 2017 6:33pm

As your ilk shrinks into an ever irrelevant minority, you just get louder and more hysterical. It's pretty sad.

  • ...I needed an emotional pick-me-up. Now I just watch all of the Liberal crying Snowflakes on election night, 2016. No mystery why the Left Media reports 98% negative news stories on The Donald --... more
    • That is truly an 'irrational' thing to do for entertainment. — HeavyHemi, Tue Nov 7 6:33pm
      • It's also entertaining to watch...SES, Wed Nov 8 10:30am
        ...the reaction videos of Seattle Seahawks fans when their Coach called a pass play from the four yard line resulting in a game-losing interception. I especially like the one with the "Why did they... more
        • Okay, but you're a birther so...HeavyHemi, Wed Nov 8 1:51pm
          that to me seems a bit more of an issue than your recollection of sports. Are you okay? What year was Obama born in Kenya?