I don't think it is necesary to be optimistic...
Wed Nov 8, 2017 8:19am

I would say I was not optimistic when Obama was elected. But that doesn't mean I howled at the moon, cried, or made an appointment to scream a year later.

One of the neat things about our Constitution is the separation of powers between the branches of gov't. While Obama certainly engaged in overreach, he was not CAPABLE of destroying the nation. Nor is Trump.

I would say that EVERYONE who runs for the office of president has an ample supply of ego. IMO there is no way to make it that far without it. IMO that is one of the job application processes that filters out anyone who isn't supremely confident in themselves. You couldn't pay me enough to go through the crap that it takes to run for president. Much less all the crap that one goes through AS president.

Now, whether the shift (if it occurs, and I am nowhere near so expectant) is positive or negative may be a bit subjective. To me, if the US stops trying to be the world's sole superpower and shifts its interests inward, some would feel that to be a horrible thing. I do not.