More than just a game. Less than the end of life
Wed Nov 8, 2017 8:22am

as we know it.

You may only be able to respond to losing WITHOUT great emotional display if it is just a game.

Most of us can respond to VARYING levels of disappointment in life without falling to our knees, screaming and crying.

  • Or handle winning in a rational manner...HeavYHemi, Tue Nov 7 6:31pm
    as dear SES with his irrational juvenile taunting. I'd say there is not as single person who posts here who is just simply upset with WHO won. I'd say, given the hundreds of posts, the evidence is... more
    • How about handling losing rationally?PH🙄😳EY, Thu Nov 9 9:29am
      So far it's not the end of Babylon. Yes, the man is a bull in a china shop. But breakage can be repaired unless he initiates a nuclear holocaust. So relax. Pushing him out of the White House will... more