The Shadow knows. Seven Vegas shooters confirmed!
Wed Nov 8, 2017 10:31am

Of course a conspiracy, mass murder and mayhem against the Citizens of this nation by a fifth column piggybacking on our security institutions is far less important than the great salacious soap opera hubbub about what time today Trump took a dump. Everyone has a pet theory, all of it based on what the lying propaganda coverup machine feeds to those whose biases will grasp at any cracker tossed out as manna from the talking heads to the parrots. Truly we do witness a nation consuming itself upon a salacious salad of deadly night shade and hemp. Meanwhile our heads and all eyes are jerked around to Texas, as if Las Vegas never occurred except as an alledged lone gunman managing to fire fully automatic weaponry from 32 floors up. Never mind how he got hundreds of pounds of pistols, machine guns and thousands of rounds of bullets past hotel security. Oh, and don't forget the alledged explosives. Nor have we been treated to a Paddock video parking his vehicle on the 25th of September. Nor the check in video on that date. Nor who he was with him in his suite on the 27th with a valet service for TWO. We are fed a fictional accounts of a "Jesus Campos," a non-security guard who is a "hero", and disappears into Mexico for four days only to turn up on Ellen as someone else. No more interviews...that's an order! And his "union rep" Hickey, a known criminal, is spewing falsehoods across the MSM wasteland. And thusly in the name of sanity and truth, attached is a link to yet another citizen-eyewitness who will never ever receive an invitation to tell his account on any MSM Vegas coverup operation.

  • The harvest of lies becomes thePH🐀🐀EY, Thu Nov 2 12:08pm
    harvest of truth. Whereby MSM fails the public trust by covering up the official lies, Indy Media continues to expose the Las Vegas false flag operation. You think you know the reality? Think again.... more
    • The Shadow knows. Seven Vegas shooters confirmed! — PH💀⚰EY, Wed Nov 8 10:31am
      • HANDS UP!!PH🐀🐀EY, Thu Nov 9 10:17am
        This is Amerika today. A mish mesh of private para military types funded by private and public rapidly subverting law enforcement at the local, state, and national level. Just who are these Jack... more