Trump brags ISIS Capital liberated
Wed Nov 8, 2017 1:37pm

In the first anniversary since election, came this email today.

Trump Pence Make America Great Again


One year ago today, the Silent Majority united by the millions to topple a self-serving political class that put the interests of American citizens dead last.

The media said we could never do it. And they still think our agenda is “too bold” for our country. But they are WRONG. There is NOTHING too bold for America.

Since Inauguration Day:

✔ ISIS had their capital LIBERATED
✔Justice Gorsuch was appointed to the Supreme Court
✔Illegal border crossings are at HISTORIC lows
✔The stock market has hit all-time records
✔Fewest joblessness claims in 44 years
✔Refugee cap is LOWEST since 1980
✔1.5 million Americans off food-stamps, now self-sufficient

We are ONLY getting started. There is SO MUCH more to do. And we will get it done -- even if it means firing every liberal Senate obstructionist, we will do it -- believe me.

So where are the Democrats during this new era of greatness? Well, today, Democrats in all the major cities are planning to go into the streets and literally scream at the sky in protest of our victory -- you can’t even make this stuff up, John.

While the Democrats are screaming at the sky wondering why we won, let’s remind them with a MASSIVE SURGE of patriotic grassroots contributions by MIDNIGHT.


Thank you and God bless America,

President Trump Signature Headshot
Donald J. Trump
President of the United States


First, it's capitol, not capital. Second, ISIS had their capitol liberated? Who knew we were fighting for ISIS to have their capital [sic] liberated? I thought we were fighting to liberate somebody else's capitol from ISIS.

    • FYIQuinn, Mon Nov 13 12:21pm
      Did you check? cap·i·tal [ˈkapədl] NOUN the most important city or town of a country or region, usually its seat of government and administrative center. synonyms: first city · seat of... more
      • I thought it was the buildingPikes, Mon Nov 13 3:28pm
        or tent, although calling a tent ISIS occupies is a capitol is a stretch. :-)
        • FYIQuinn, Mon Nov 13 4:31pm
          • Defending ISIS?Pikes, Mon Nov 13 5:56pm
            Or defending Trump? Same thing. Shifting sands. Fog of war.
    • Not only that, but they can't FIRE liberal SenatorsSia☺giah, Sat Nov 11 8:32pm
      or any senators at all.
    • UpdatePikes, Wed Nov 8 2:47pm
      I just received an 11 x 8 glossy photograph on heavy photo paper, of Donald and Melania Trump, autographed in real ink atop the photo, along with a thank you letter for my work and support. I will... more
      • Hang on to it😀PH💵💵EY, Sun Nov 12 2:17pm
        If we survive the nex three plus years, it might be worth a little something on Craig's List.
      • folks who have NOT donated to them directly.
        • Could it be?Pikes, Sat Nov 11 11:01pm
          Because I bought a genuine Make America Great Again hat from them? Two actually. A white one with gold letters, and a red one with silver letters. I also have two Russian ones, bought as future... more
          • Never mind.PH👀EY, Sun Nov 12 2:19pm
            I see you are tuned in. Now all we need is a jock strap for the really big bucks😬