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I'm of mixed opinion....
Thu Nov 9, 2017 10:14am

I think sometimes we are too quick to jump on the mental illness explanation when someone does something especially nasty. IMO sometimes it is an easy way out. People see an event like the church or the concert and are reaching for a "why", and I think mental illness is an easy answer. Oh, He's crazy, that's why.

But, to me, if a person is capable of understanding that their acts are illegal, I don't particularly CARE if they struggle to understand societal expectations, or even cannot view other human beings as people. If they can understand that the law says they are not allowed to kill and eat their neighbor, to me, their mental illness isn't the problem. It is a discipline problem. I don't need for a person to AGREE with a law or even to understand WHY the law says you cannot kill and eat your neighbor, I really just need them to understand that it IS the law and that they are expected to adhere to it.

Now, certainly the one who genuinely cannot function in his environment to the point that he CANNOT exercise control over his behaviors, then we probably should be incarcerating the individual from the get go.

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