Re: No.
Thu Nov 9, 2017 11:14am

LOLS! "They debunk." Precisely my point, thank you. You failed to answer my concern about why this "debunk" site does not refer to those eyewitnesses. Nor does this fraud site you proffer refer to a single video. I just love it when those who were not there at the " harvest" massacre seek to suggest the VIDEOS taken are somehow confused in the panic of the situation. HELLO? Further, independent analysts have done the acoustic to scientifically prove multiple shooters. But truly one need only listen to the video by the cab driver to hear multiple volumes and varying sticato sounds from various automatic weaponry. And various videos from various angles clearly show muzzle flashes from various locations, including from at least one helicopter! The miracle is not more were slaughtered. Must be a real disappointment to the planners. Snopes reminds me of that pablum BS radio so many have been taken in by....NPR. It's the same normalcy bias crap MSM pushes. Thank you for your comments. At least you are willing to dialogue. That says a lot.

  • No.Amadeus, Thu Nov 9 10:13am
    Snopes is not a known disinformation website. They debunk. That means they unravel conspiracy theories, and since you like conspiracy theories, this bothers you. But that doesn't mean they are a... more
    • Re: No. — PH🔎🔎EY, Thu Nov 9 11:14am
      • There Aren't Any Eyewitnesses...Amadeus, Thu Nov 9 2:22pm multiple shooters, because there weren't multiple shooters. I will tell you what really does exist , though. There are people out there who get a kick out of starting conspiracy theories and... more
        • Gee, maybe it never happened.PH👁EY, Thu Nov 9 10:41pm
          It's all a giant hoax. No shooter, just sound recordings, ketchup, and Craiglist-.hired actors, all 22,000 of them. Come on, please tell me you are joking? Maybe there are no witnesses because there... more
          • The Earth Is A Sphere...Amadeus, Fri Nov 10 10:47am
            ...and the Las Vegas shooting was carried out by one gunman. Some people were confused while it was happening, but there is no evidence of multiple shooters. Snopes includes sources so you can check... more
            • A myriad of confused cell phone videos?😀PH😳😳EY, Sun Nov 12 2:35pm
              You offer a concept closer to a definition of a cliche. I am sure some people were freaked out, panicky, and confused. Human nature. But many too were collected in their immediate needs. Others had... more
              • You offfer nothing but your own claims.HeavyHemi, Sun Nov 12 2:41pm
                Zero.. zippo.. zilch. Your posts are so devoid of fact and content that they are an insult to the person you are posting them too. It's that simple, you show an objective lack of respect for... more
                • Well golly gee, what else WOULD I offer? Yours?😀PH💀💀EY, Sun Nov 12 3:41pm
                  You have so inspired me that I give you a free gift. A video that ought to creep you out for its import. It is one of many videos taken of the harvest. Feast your normalcy bias upon the capture. Or... more
                  • Your free gift🤓PH👹👹EY, Sun Nov 12 3:45pm
                    • You've GOT to be kidding. (nm)Sia☺giah, Sat Nov 25 12:38am
                      • No, no joke.PH👹👹EY, Sat Nov 25 1:32pm
                        Because it's obvious the patsy could not have done the dirty deed, and multiple shooters are obvious by sound and witness reports, one might be inclined to seek out video corroboration. Are these... more