Very unkind.
Thu Nov 9, 2017 12:42pm

He is serving his nation. Are you? Think before you leap.

  • or maybe this infantile behavior is why it is 'were'. Just pondering.
    • Very unkind. — PH🙄🙄EY, Thu Nov 9 12:42pm
      • HH receives his share of abusePikes, Thu Nov 9 11:22pm
        Some of it is not just unkind, but actionable libel. SES invites many of his troubles. Once, a few of them found their way here to post some "corrections" when they discovered things he wrote about... more
        • What I like about discussion boards.PH☔️☔️EY, Fri Nov 10 9:38am
          It's a great sump for a meeting of the minds. I think perhaps one using a handle and not a actual legal name would be unable to sue for libel. How does one sue a character name in a film. It's all... more
          • Honesty and misplaced trustPikes, Fri Nov 10 11:12am
            It depends how far it goes. If a person becomes a continued and growing threat, producing personal, libelous direct attacks on somebody else, his identity may become known to authorities. That... more