The republican fetish
Thu Nov 9, 2017 11:11pm

Whether or not they need such visual material to achieve orgasm is amusing conjecture.


Surveyed Trump voters say they'd vote Trump again if the election was held now. Liability there is Clinton. Change that variable and Trump loses.

Another republican senator is in trouble for multiple sexual assault allegations.

Many of us NEVER assaulted a woman, or a man, sexually or in any other way.
Many of us NEVER cheated on our wives, or significant others.
Many of us NEVER take painstaking efforts to hide our past,
and we take responsibility for unintended harms we cause.

Why do those who do these things so often seek to represent us in leadership and representation?
You might think we could do better. Then again who chairs the DNC? RNC? Quality of choice doesn't improve or change because party leadership remains the same kind, if not the same people. Trump ran on his difference. Difference is supposed to be improvement. Not what he offers.

  • All money and NO class.PH👀EY, Thu Nov 9 12:40pm
    Methinks it's a republican fetish.
    • The republican fetish — Pikes, Thu Nov 9 11:11pm
      • Different for sure. Frightening, really!PH👀EY, Sun Nov 12 2:28pm
        Frankly, I count each and every day as a gift, one by one. The entire global order could disappear overnight. He is a harbinger, imo. Breathe in, breathe out. Is it cocktail hour, yet?