Remember this?
Fri Nov 10, 2017 10:46am


Doesn't it apply here? Now?
US has been chief contributor for most of the period of cause.

Had an argument with a Trumpeon about a July 1979 weather event here. We had a horrific hail that stript the conifers of their needles in a huge swath across the east facing Front Range. Trees that survived had to generate new growth, which in conifers occurs at twig tip. The event produced two annual growth rings for the year 1979, separated by a very thin layer of summer wood growth, just a few cells thick. I have actually seen this in my studies. In about 5000 years of dendrochronology- the range period from local coniferous wood, that is the only example of its kind.

The Trumpeon argued that other pairs of rings might be from the same kind of event. Furthermore how could I know it was 1979? There are periods of narrow rings, indicating drought or short growing season. 1883, 1815, 970, 180, and -1627 all begin patterns recorded in living P. longaeva and P aristata wood. In each of those years a global climate changing event occurred. The 1979 event is unique. The Trumpeon argued, how do we know it was from the hail? Because we saw it isn't good enough. We measured it, recorded it, studied it, and that isn't good enough for a Trumpeon.

Then again, challenge and argument from a follower of a birther is good enough for politics and public policy.

  • Yet another first for the Trump presidency!Jeeves, Thu Nov 9 12:22pm
    Yaaa! We're the only one's on the planet!! Go us!!! As Syria embraces Paris climate deal, itís the United States against the world President Trump has put America at odds with the rest of the world,... more
    • Remember this? — Pikes, Fri Nov 10 10:46am
      • https://xkcd.com/1321/
        • Shoot the man who coined "global warming."Pikes, Fri Nov 10 2:58pm
          Trumpeons know heat. Trumpeons know nothing about energy. Why do you think Trump appointed Rick Perry Secretary of Energy? Mar a Lago 2020
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            • I was in blizzardsPikes, Tue Nov 14 1:46pm
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                  is the one to try. Trachycarpus takil, Trachycarpus wagnerianus, Sabal minor, and certainly Rhapidophyllum hystrix are even more resistant to snow and cold, but are also harder to find. When you... more
                  • The Trachycarpus fortuneiPH👀EY, Tue Nov 14 10:44pm
                    I have seen that in nurseries in the Bay Area. That is the one I'll try. Enjoyed the videos. Thanks.