Honesty and misplaced trust
Fri Nov 10, 2017 11:12am

It depends how far it goes. If a person becomes a continued and growing threat, producing personal, libelous direct attacks on somebody else, his identity may become known to authorities. That discovery isn't easy, and takes some time and effort. Like with a phone call trace, the longer and more persistent, sooner or later the OP slips up.

I see discussion boards like this as 21st Century communities, where people are connected by ideas. Individuals may live in different parts of country and world, with residency through common, or even opposing ideas here. Remarkable.

  • What I like about discussion boards.PH☔️☔️EY, Fri Nov 10 9:38am
    It's a great sump for a meeting of the minds. I think perhaps one using a handle and not a actual legal name would be unable to sue for libel. How does one sue a character name in a film. It's all... more
    • Honesty and misplaced trust — Pikes, Fri Nov 10 11:12am