I would say it is not a GOD given right...
Mon Nov 13, 2017 12:17pm

because if GOD gave it to all people, then there wouldn't be so many in the world who don't have it.

Sure it is relative. I don't know that ABSOLUTE freedom can exist outside of a laboratory experiment.

  • Freedom is relative to each nation more or less.PH👏🏾👏🏾EY, Mon Nov 13 12:11pm
    Of course we are referring to the freedom of ideas. The God given RIGHT not to merely have thoughts, but to express those concepts in a marketplace of ideas. Is free trade any more valuable than is... more
    • I would say it is not a GOD given right... — Sprout, Mon Nov 13 12:17pm
      • How about a "human given right"?PH🤓🤓EY, Mon Nov 13 1:06pm
        There are so many in the world who do not have it because government mafias kill or imprison them if they speak out. What does government fear. Exposure of corruption and lies. Are not these the very ... more
        • A human right as defined as what?Sprout, Mon Nov 13 2:10pm
          As one of the specific rights codified in the US Constitution at apply to NO ONE other than those in the US? Or some fantasy list of rights at the UN that are not ACTUALLY guaranteed to ANYONE.
          • Both PH👀EY, Mon Nov 13 2:54pm
            And the first on the global list is THE RIGHT TO LIFE! This is so very basic. Yet, BABYLON destroys civilians wholesale. Granted she is not alone. She is just the great hypocrite because the RIGHT TO ... more
            • that could (and some argue still can) be killed without repercussion. Those individuals do NOT have the right to life. Certainly one can argue that the SHOULD have that right, but in the real world,... more
              • All life has a right to live. Otherwise life wouldPH👹👹EY, Tue Nov 14 10:31am
                never have been CONCEIVED. Granted upon arriving one is confronted with the laws of the jungle. Eat and/or be eaten. One should S not argue that a human being does not have a right to life. Including ... more
                • Laws of the jungle....wondering, Sat Nov 18 4:00am
                  How far should we go to protect human life in the "jungle" of civilization? Should humans have a right to conceive life that they cannot or will not raise or care for? Should humans have a duty to... more
                  • Maybe there are too many roads?PH👁👁EY, Sat Nov 18 10:14am
                    Stop destroying the natural environment. Our confabulation is a artificial connivance about which its structure is a death trap for the natural world. I am not sure a "right" is involved in... more
                    • I don't agree.wondering, Sun Nov 19 9:41am
                      I don't think we or any other creatures are trying to kill a living planet. Most are just trying to survive and thrive until our own death, and hopefully the planet will live on to support future... more
                      • Man, the godPikes, Sun Nov 19 11:44am
                        We say He made us in His image. More like we made Him in ours. Enough never is. Good enough never is good enough. I tinker with and practice two things, never reaching "good enough." My music, and my ... more
                        • Music and gardens....wondering, Mon Nov 20 12:14am
                          Two worthy endeavors, I'd say. I've been picking around on the piano a bit myself lately, and will probably do more of that over the winter months since I won't be outside as much working in the yard ... more
                • Not at all...Sprout, Tue Nov 14 11:51am
                  There are many forms of life on this planet that exist to be eaten, to be killed as you noted. So, clearly, plankton that are eaten in uncountable numbers every day do not have a 'right' to life.... more
          • Yes (nm)Merlin, Mon Nov 13 1:58pm
            • I don't think you do...Sprout, Mon Nov 13 2:09pm
              I would say that SOME people actually have a right to speak negatively of their government. Others do not. IMO it is a pleasant fantasy to create this concept of a 'human' right that every person in... more
                • Or having never had it in the first place...Sprout, Mon Nov 13 3:12pm
                  Some folks are born in a place where they have rights. Others are not. Some travel from a place where they did not have rights to a place where they do. Others (though likely fewer) travel from... more
                  • across and outside of political boundaries.
                    • Certainly that is a claim made by thoseSprout, Tue Nov 14 9:22am
                      who HAVE those rights... I would suspect those who have never known those rights might not consider them so inherent and would instead consider them in fact determined BY political boundaries.
                      • INATE. Not inherent.PH👀EY, Tue Nov 14 10:46am
                        It's a whole package of nothing inherited but is "DNA" derived. We inherit our Constitutional guarantees. But the foundation for the impetus IS INATE. We hold these truths to be SELF-EVIDENT...
                        • who HAVE such rights... Those who have the MEANS to secure those rights for themselves... The foundation is the IDEA that the rights are innate. But the IDEA that they are innate does not mean that... more
                          • Granted, repression generates ideas about howPH😳😳EY, Tue Nov 14 1:04pm
                            to get that monkey off one's back. But the fact is inate is natural. A short list of synonyms: inborn, natural, intrinsic, instinctive, intuitive, UNLEARNED. The natural human being is already free... more
                            • What creates this "birthright"?Sprout, Tue Nov 14 1:54pm
                              What makes prey not prey? Having predator/prey relationships isn't man-made. What makes humans immune from being prey?
                              • 1. When one has been consumed.PH🙄🙄EY, Tue Nov 14 2:45pm
                                2. Okay, let's settle on evolution. 3. We are not immune. What creates this birthright? 4. By virtue of being.a spiritual creature.
                                • Ah... the appeal to the divine....Sprout, Tue Nov 14 4:27pm
                                  What if I don't believe that you are a spiritual creature?
                                  • There is something divine about being alive.PH🤓🤓EY, Tue Nov 14 11:09pm
                                    I don't care if you do not accept my definition. I do see it is in the dictionary...duality of the human nature is said to be of our spiritual nature....the good, the bad, the ugly. Animals cannot... more
                                    • Animals can't lie? That isn't true...Sprout, Wed Nov 15 8:23am
                                      I saw a dog run to the front door barking and growling AS IF there was an intruder so that his owner would go to the door and check, thus allowing the dog to run back into the living room and steal... more
                                      • are human constructs. The dog wasn't using deception, it was a learned trick. Though your story is curious, how many times did you see this happen to determine this was willful and practiced... more
                                        • Certainly it was a learned trick...Sprout, Fri Nov 17 2:26pm
                                          Dogs will frequently wait until you turn your back or leave the room to steal your food, or otherwise do something they know you don't want them to do. This one just managed to learn that he could... more
                      • Yes. Habit forming boundaries. Unnatural. (nm)PH👀EY, Tue Nov 14 10:14am
                        • Very natural I would say...Sprout, Tue Nov 14 10:16am
                          Human beings form social groupings naturally. Nations formed naturally as social groupings of GENERALLY similar folks socially and politically.
                          • By force of physical punishmentPH👀EY, Tue Nov 14 10:41am
                            Is not a natural boundary. such efforts to constrain and create false parameters upon the human psyche lead to degenerative mental disorders, beginning with neurosis. It's unnatural to be caged ether ... more
                • Denied by whom and what? (nm)PH💀💀EY, Mon Nov 13 2:35pm
          • Must you do the merry-go-round?PH😳😳EY, Mon Nov 13 1:10pm
            A gun barrel say no. The thug holding the trigger says "I am paid to be a thug, to shut you up." One still has the inalienable right. Of course it is if no value to be dead.