Mon Nov 13, 2017 12:21pm

Did you check?

the most important city or town of a country or region, usually its seat of government and administrative center.
synonyms: first city · seat of government · metropolis

Also, newspapers' stories about the ISIS "capital" being liberated used the word "capital". Check it out!

  • Trump brags ISIS Capital liberatedPikes, Wed Nov 8 1:37pm
    In the first anniversary since election, came this email today. Trump Pence Make America Great Again Pikes, One year ago today, the Silent Majority united by the millions to topple a self-serving... more
    • FYI — Quinn, Mon Nov 13 12:21pm
      • I thought it was the buildingPikes, Mon Nov 13 3:28pm
        or tent, although calling a tent ISIS occupies is a capitol is a stretch. :-)
        • FYIQuinn, Mon Nov 13 4:31pm
          • Defending ISIS?Pikes, Mon Nov 13 5:56pm
            Or defending Trump? Same thing. Shifting sands. Fog of war.
    • UpdatePikes, Wed Nov 8 2:47pm
      I just received an 11 x 8 glossy photograph on heavy photo paper, of Donald and Melania Trump, autographed in real ink atop the photo, along with a thank you letter for my work and support. I will... more
      • Hang on to it😀PH💵💵EY, Sun Nov 12 2:17pm
        If we survive the nex three plus years, it might be worth a little something on Craig's List.
      • folks who have NOT donated to them directly.
        • Could it be?Pikes, Sat Nov 11 11:01pm
          Because I bought a genuine Make America Great Again hat from them? Two actually. A white one with gold letters, and a red one with silver letters. I also have two Russian ones, bought as future... more
          • Never mind.PH👀EY, Sun Nov 12 2:19pm
            I see you are tuned in. Now all we need is a jock strap for the really big bucks😬