Oh. Okay, I happily will admit to that truth.
Mon Nov 13, 2017 2:46pm

Evidence seems to show what you say I said. Yeah, frozen lakes and odd looking vegetation on Mars. Ruins on the moon. Our controllers want to got to Mars. Colonize it. That's because it's very user friendly. If not, those MARS rovers would not be lasting for years to date. The moon is so very very close. 240,000 miles. One would think NASA would have colonized it long ago. They went, they saw, and they fled in shock. What else explains the abrupt destruction of the Apollo Program and the mighty Julitor rockets. And a bunch of grainy images that did provides great clues for ruins on the moon. Frankly, why is it so difficult to acknowledge how puny are our human engineering feats? Yet, we dare set up a space command to fight wars in the heavens. LOLS!! 😂😂😄😬

  • I refer to your old conversationsSprout, Mon Nov 13 2:11pm
    accusing NASA and the gov't of covering pictures of ruins on both the moon and mars.
    • Oh. Okay, I happily will admit to that truth. — PH🤓🤓EY, Mon Nov 13 2:46pm