There have been places where there are sub-classes
Mon Nov 13, 2017 3:14pm

that could (and some argue still can) be killed without repercussion.

Those individuals do NOT have the right to life. Certainly one can argue that the SHOULD have that right, but in the real world, they may not.

I'm not pro-life, but the argument is that an unborn baby is a human being and SHOULD be accorded that right to life. But the truth is that an unborn baby DOES NOT HAVE a right to life. Not that it is DENIED it, but that it was never accorded it in the first place.

  • Both PH👀EY, Mon Nov 13 2:54pm
    And the first on the global list is THE RIGHT TO LIFE! This is so very basic. Yet, BABYLON destroys civilians wholesale. Granted she is not alone. She is just the great hypocrite because the RIGHT TO ... more
    • There have been places where there are sub-classes — Sprout, Mon Nov 13 3:14pm
      • All life has a right to live. Otherwise life wouldPH👹👹EY, Tue Nov 14 10:31am
        never have been CONCEIVED. Granted upon arriving one is confronted with the laws of the jungle. Eat and/or be eaten. One should S not argue that a human being does not have a right to life. Including ... more
        • Laws of the jungle....wondering, Sat Nov 18 4:00am
          How far should we go to protect human life in the "jungle" of civilization? Should humans have a right to conceive life that they cannot or will not raise or care for? Should humans have a duty to... more
          • Maybe there are too many roads?PH👁👁EY, Sat Nov 18 10:14am
            Stop destroying the natural environment. Our confabulation is a artificial connivance about which its structure is a death trap for the natural world. I am not sure a "right" is involved in... more
            • I don't agree.wondering, Sun Nov 19 9:41am
              I don't think we or any other creatures are trying to kill a living planet. Most are just trying to survive and thrive until our own death, and hopefully the planet will live on to support future... more
              • Man, the godPikes, Sun Nov 19 11:44am
                We say He made us in His image. More like we made Him in ours. Enough never is. Good enough never is good enough. I tinker with and practice two things, never reaching "good enough." My music, and my ... more
                • Music and gardens....wondering, Mon Nov 20 12:14am
                  Two worthy endeavors, I'd say. I've been picking around on the piano a bit myself lately, and will probably do more of that over the winter months since I won't be outside as much working in the yard ... more
        • Not at all...Sprout, Tue Nov 14 11:51am
          There are many forms of life on this planet that exist to be eaten, to be killed as you noted. So, clearly, plankton that are eaten in uncountable numbers every day do not have a 'right' to life.... more