Young people I know wanted Sanders
Mon Nov 13, 2017 3:25pm

He and Warren are the only national level representatives who take young people's concerns seriously.

If you're old enough to fight, you're old enough to vote.

In some southern states, females age 14 are thought old enough for consensual dating, but not yet old enough to drive, register to vote, or buy liquor. They may however drink all the liquor another person, like Roy Moore buys for them. Then, like the country song croons, "When we get behind _________ ______s."

Trump bankrupted his company at least six times, and its worth, far below what he says, is one reason he never released his tax records. Young Americans especially are caught in an ever-tightening grip of pressures from insurance of all kinds, health care insurance, rising health care costs including pharmaceuticals, housing and utilities, and food, to a point where many barely skim above bankruptcy themselves.