Haha. I've yet to see GEOSTORM.
Tue Nov 14, 2017 12:51pm

Read a pan of it. It's does not matter to me if the plot is less than stellar, nor the acting. What interests me is how the subject is presented. And of course I love great special FX. Carbon induced global warming is only a part of a whole. Geoengineering by lunatic scientists under the auspices of the center of evil, the Pentagram, is a huge factor much overlooked by the layperson not at all in touch with scifi technology most can never grasp as for-real. Once the mantra was global warming. That won't do because it spotlights big oil and our entire life-style madness. The phrase-disseminators switched to climate change. Of course global warming is in the mix. What is not discussed in public is the obvious geoengineer program well underway. Further, speaking of scifi, are the myriad science (MIC derived) experiments and on-going operational military communications by lunatics punching holes into and heating areas and lifting up and moving about regions of the ionosphere....that upper region very much a weather impact. Simply put, the psychopaths controlling our nation and much of the global community are weaponizing the atmosphere. Lately there has been a more open public media-placed discussion for how these creeps plan to "experiment" with jets spraying nano-particulated aerosols into the atmosphere, to set up a program for "solar radiation management as if it's not currently a fait accompli in full sight of anyone who looks up and can recall former times. Observation is the very foundation of science. You describe what is easily observed with the conifers. It's scientifically factual. I have huge pibe trees dropping like flies around me. One is right next to my house. A great friend for summer shade. It's half dead from the top down. They say beatles. Yes but that is a symptom, not the cause. They might say drought. Nor would they dare say OZONE DEPLETION. But I have had no drought here in what is a rain shadow. And last year the average rainfall was exceeded by 40 inches! Nay, it's much as is with "climate change", a collection of problems generated by too much "scifi." 5G won't be the end of how much we are going to be cooked, us and our living dying planet. PS- I just realized that blizzard is an animation. Nice!! I actually get snowstorms up here that severe:-)

  • Shoot the man who coined "global warming."Pikes, Fri Nov 10 2:58pm
    Trumpeons know heat. Trumpeons know nothing about energy. Why do you think Trump appointed Rick Perry Secretary of Energy? Mar a Lago 2020
    • Haha. I've yet to see GEOSTORM. — Ph😄😄EY, Tue Nov 14 12:51pm
      • I was in blizzardsPikes, Tue Nov 14 1:46pm
        so powerful, my extended hand was blurred by the blowing snow. Battle Mountain, Parachute, Wolf Creek Pass and Kiowa County. The Parachute blizzard blew about five inches of sifted snow through the... more
        • Should I come across a PH👀EY, Tue Nov 14 2:54pm
          young Palm, potted, I am going to try it here. We are not quite at the stage of planting cacti. Yeah, a blizzard is aw inspiring. Dangerous. Have seen a few up here, but short lived. It rained off... more
          • Trachycarpus fortuneiPikes, Tue Nov 14 5:00pm
            is the one to try. Trachycarpus takil, Trachycarpus wagnerianus, Sabal minor, and certainly Rhapidophyllum hystrix are even more resistant to snow and cold, but are also harder to find. When you... more
            • The Trachycarpus fortuneiPH👀EY, Tue Nov 14 10:44pm
              I have seen that in nurseries in the Bay Area. That is the one I'll try. Enjoyed the videos. Thanks.