I was in blizzards
Tue Nov 14, 2017 1:46pm

so powerful, my extended hand was blurred by the blowing snow. Battle Mountain, Parachute, Wolf Creek Pass and Kiowa County. The Parachute blizzard blew about five inches of sifted snow through the window and door cracks inside my car. The Battle Mountain blizzard blew my stationary car like a sled, sideways toward a 1000 foot drop to the Eagle River.

I've seen no evidence to suggest human beings control weather beyond cloud seeding. But it would not surprise me to learn groups of people who study climate change might be using predictable shifts for their own political, or socioeconomic gain. California's last great drought for example. Tripled the price of bags of apples. I buy bagged apples because I know the smaller, blotchier, more multicolored fruits that don't sell well individually actually have a higher sugar content and are sweeter than their larger, uniform red delicious kindred. Learned that from an apple grower.

I live at the northern edge of the shrubby cholla cactus range- Opuntia imbricaria. For years there was a south slope below a flat mesa that was their northernmost natural range point. Atop the mesa, there were none. About ten years ago they topped the mesa and are now racing north about a half mile per year.


  • Haha. I've yet to see GEOSTORM.Ph😄😄EY, Tue Nov 14 12:51pm
    Read a pan of it. It's does not matter to me if the plot is less than stellar, nor the acting. What interests me is how the subject is presented. And of course I love great special FX. Carbon induced ... more
    • I was in blizzards — Pikes, Tue Nov 14 1:46pm
      • Should I come across a PH👀EY, Tue Nov 14 2:54pm
        young Palm, potted, I am going to try it here. We are not quite at the stage of planting cacti. Yeah, a blizzard is aw inspiring. Dangerous. Have seen a few up here, but short lived. It rained off... more
        • Trachycarpus fortuneiPikes, Tue Nov 14 5:00pm
          is the one to try. Trachycarpus takil, Trachycarpus wagnerianus, Sabal minor, and certainly Rhapidophyllum hystrix are even more resistant to snow and cold, but are also harder to find. When you... more
          • The Trachycarpus fortuneiPH👀EY, Tue Nov 14 10:44pm
            I have seen that in nurseries in the Bay Area. That is the one I'll try. Enjoyed the videos. Thanks.