As an only child, you will need to reach out for the comfort
Wed Nov 15, 2017 12:01pm

that cousins, uncles, aunts, and dear friends can offer to you when the time comes. It doesn't matter how old they are or how old you are or how long you've expected it. Just have a solid support system in place and DON'T avoid or hide from it. Face it a little at a time EVERY SINGLE DAY and you will emerge from it healthier and ABLE to keep their memories alive within to enjoy them without overwhelming grief.

Thank you for your kind words.

  • My sincere condolences.Poppet, Wed Nov 15 11:20am
    So glad he got to come home for at least a little while and see all those generations. I think even when you know it's coming soon and they've had a good, long life, these things are just so damn... more
    • As an only child, you will need to reach out for the comfort — Sia☺giah, Wed Nov 15 12:01pm
      • Yeah, that's going to be hard.Poppet, Wed Nov 15 1:54pm
        I've had a little hint, I suppose: my paternal grandfather and I were exceptionally close. But I had my folks to look to to deal with his passing. That's great advice (about pre-loading gri3ef), and... more
        • Beware the sharksPikes, Wed Nov 15 4:28pm
          I am an only child, and can offer only my experience- in what went right and where mistakes were made. Really there are no mistakes. There are ways and then better ways. When we emerge at the end of... more
          • Discuss their wants and needs NOW. Sia☺giah, Wed Nov 15 10:47pm
            Discuss end-of-life care options and wishes NOW. Discuss funeral arrangements and things they want done or NOT done NOW. Prepay funeral costs or at least do up a funeral PLAN that you can follow when ... more
            • AbsolutelyPikes, Fri Nov 17 12:39pm
              We did that, and even with plans in place, efforts by sharks praying to overcharge this and that, above the already agreed deals, attempting to play on sympathy, one of whom was a former occasional... more