Beware the sharks
Wed Nov 15, 2017 4:28pm

I am an only child, and can offer only my experience- in what went right and where mistakes were made. Really there are no mistakes. There are ways and then better ways. When we emerge at the end of the tunnel, and can look back to see there really was a tunnel, and that we're finally outside it, then we are ready to move on. We can see what went OK and what went better. While assets don't hurt, they can also be burdens. Beware the sharks, for they are many and come in all manner of suits, tax collectors, debt collectors, and disguises, and pray [sic] on services offered the dead.

  • Yeah, that's going to be hard.Poppet, Wed Nov 15 1:54pm
    I've had a little hint, I suppose: my paternal grandfather and I were exceptionally close. But I had my folks to look to to deal with his passing. That's great advice (about pre-loading gri3ef), and... more
    • Beware the sharks — Pikes, Wed Nov 15 4:28pm
      • Discuss their wants and needs NOW. Sia☺giah, Wed Nov 15 10:47pm
        Discuss end-of-life care options and wishes NOW. Discuss funeral arrangements and things they want done or NOT done NOW. Prepay funeral costs or at least do up a funeral PLAN that you can follow when ... more
        • AbsolutelyPikes, Fri Nov 17 12:39pm
          We did that, and even with plans in place, efforts by sharks praying to overcharge this and that, above the already agreed deals, attempting to play on sympathy, one of whom was a former occasional... more