Anthropomorphism. Concepts such as lying and deception...
Wed Nov 15, 2017 11:47pm

are human constructs. The dog wasn't using deception, it was a learned trick. Though your story is curious, how many times did you see this happen to determine this was willful and practiced deception by said genius canine of course it had to have been more than once.

  • Animals can't lie? That isn't true...Sprout, Wed Nov 15 8:23am
    I saw a dog run to the front door barking and growling AS IF there was an intruder so that his owner would go to the door and check, thus allowing the dog to run back into the living room and steal... more
    • Anthropomorphism. Concepts such as lying and deception... — HeavyHemi, Wed Nov 15 11:47pm
      • Certainly it was a learned trick...Sprout, Fri Nov 17 2:26pm
        Dogs will frequently wait until you turn your back or leave the room to steal your food, or otherwise do something they know you don't want them to do. This one just managed to learn that he could... more