It's the Borowitz Report. Of COURSE it's not real. (nm)
Thu Nov 16, 2017 12:10am

  • Is this for real??PH👀EY, Tue Nov 14 10:57am
    I am no intellectual heavy weight. I was bright enough in 2000 to quickly grasp I am smarter than GW....because I have sense enough to KNOW I was NOT QUALIFIED to be President. Now this idiot shows... more
    • DeVos + Swine = DivinePikes, Tue Nov 14 1:22pm
      Read the first letter of each line of the last paragraph, down. But as Jeeves wrote, she is dumb enough she might have said this, and in private, who knows?
    • Borowitz is satire/humorJeeves, Tue Nov 14 12:00pm
      But the satire of DeVos certainly has a basis in reality. Actual DeVos quotes: On why guns should be allowed in schools: "I will refer back to Sen. Enzi and the school he is talking about in Wyoming. ... more