Looks like another round of Mueller Time is brewing.
Thu Nov 16, 2017 1:02am

Twenty some new indictments against seven new people. Kushner may be one. Might be an interesting morning tomorrow or Friday.

In other news, porn star Cherie DeVille and rapper Coolio announced intentions to run for President and Vice President. You know things are bad when a porn star thinks the country is getting screwed — and not in a good way.

That’s why adult actress Cherie DeVille is considering running against Donald Trump in the 2020 election with ’90s rapper Coolio as her running mate.

Though DeVille hasn’t officially filed — and won’t until she is convinced there is enough momentum to pursue it seriously — she does have a website, PornStarForPresident.com.

In August, she released an introductory video featuring Coolio, a former pro wrestler named Virgil, and various other porn stars. The 39-year-old DeVille has been thinking about the run ever since Donald Trump was elected last November.

“When he first ran, I thought his campaign was a stunt or joke, and people were only watching because it made good TV,” she told HuffPost. “I thought when the election came, people would do what’s right and not vote for him.”

“But people seem more interested in celebrity than a person’s views and more interested in the spectacle,” she said.

If a spectacle is what the public wants, DeVille said she’s willing to provide that, if her efforts can help unseat Trump from the presidency.

“My philosophy of governing is based on integrity, honesty and openness,” she said. “I will listen to my experts. I’m not an insane narcissist. I love other people.”

Like Trump, DeVille doesn’t have political experience ― though she did play “Hillary Clayton,” a candidate who, in true porn fashion, has sex with fellow candidate “Donald Drumpf,” played by Charles Dera, in an adult film.

“I honestly didn’t learn anything about being president from that scene ― except that I hate pantsuits,” When DeVille isn’t making films like “Helpless Hogtied Heroines,” “I Blackmailed My Stepmom” and “Our Latin Babysitter,” she works as a physical therapist..

She says her career experience has given her skills that translate over to the nation’s highest office..

“I have good communication skills. I can read people. I’m diplomatic with people of all backgrounds. I’m open-minded and accepting of people of other cultures,” she said..

Politically, DeVille’s views lean toward “libertarian liberal.”.

“I agree with Libertarians on a lot of issues, but not the environment or health care,” she said. “I think government needs to lend a hand with those, and we can’t depend on the free market.”.

DeVille also realizes she can’t depend of her own level of fame to get her the amount of free publicity Trump got. That’s why she’s bringing in Coolio as her vice president..

“He represents the American dream,” she said. “He started from nothing and made something of himself.”.

Coolio believes he and DeVille represent a necessary change from the current situation..

“Somebody’s got to do something, man, somebody’s got to try. We need normal people, we need normal, regular, everyday people in office,” Coolio told LA station KESQ..

DeVille admits her introductory video is cheesy and makes her campaign look like just a publicity stunt, but said she did that in order to raise attention to the possible run..

“I’m fully aware that people don’t think highly of pornographers,” she said. “So I decided to make it outrageous. Will these people in the video be given the positions mentioned in the video? No. But they were willing to be there and get interest and create a spectacle..

“My views are real and my desire is there. I consider it showmanship,” she said..

Roy Moore called her a candidate he could really get behind.

In other news. "


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    • Looks like another round of Mueller Time is brewing. — Pikes, Thu Nov 16 1:02am