I wouldn't want every parishioner...
Thu Nov 16, 2017 12:44pm

to be armed, but every church SHOULD have a sentry posted at at least the main exit. In Paganism, we often perform public rituals in parks and other public places. Generally, a group appoints one or two people to be "Sergeant-at-Arms" at those rituals to protect the worshipers while they participate. This is mostly because Pagan groups tend to be targets for religious wackos, who often attack such gatherings. So I see no reason why a church couldn't do the same.

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    • I wouldn't want every parishioner... — Truthteller, Thu Nov 16 12:44pm
      • Kind of self-selecting....Sprout, Fri Nov 24 3:50pm
        Given any group of people, some people will have no interest whatsoever in being armed... Probably best that they not be armed as they lack the motivation to do it right. There will also be those who ... more
      • The steeple could serve as a handy guard tower.PH🔫🔫EY, Fri Nov 24 11:15am
        A hollowed out bible could accommodate a small pistol.
        • A pretty lousy guard tower....Sprout, Fri Nov 24 3:52pm
          A guard tower needs to be BETWEEN the thing being guarded and the thing guarded against... The steeple usually puts the thing being guarded between it and the thing guarded against... Not so good.