I concur.
Thu Nov 16, 2017 2:57pm

Not just because my default position is to believe women who come forward about this sort of thing, but also because with this hanging over his head, there's no way in hell Franken can do his job effectively.

  • Senator Franken needs to resignJeeves, Thu Nov 16 2:16pm
    No "he said/she said" - the evidence is solid. http://www.kabc.com/2017/11/16/leeann-tweeden-on-senator-al-franken/ If he wants to apologize and run for reelection, that's fine, but his voters should ... more
    • Demi Moore should resign!PH💄💄EY, Wed Nov 22 10:09pm
      From Hollywood. How is it she gets a free pass? Granted, she is not in any recent movies that come to mind. Perhaps her need is caused by depression caused by PMS. Or maybe she is taking too much... more
    • He should not resign.PH👎🏼👎🏼EY, Fri Nov 17 8:44pm
      This photo-joke is just that. It is a mystery to me that for years the female gender demands equality. Okay, you've arrived! Yet this lady cannot take a joke? Studying the photo, he does not seem to... more
    • You sure about that?Truthteller, Fri Nov 17 4:34pm
      I'd much rather see TRUMP resign since he has been accused of actually RAPING a THIRTEEN YEAR OLD! Oh, and here's a bit of info on Tweeden, including the fact that the "boob grope" was a FAKE grope.... more
      • “She was asking for it” - Seriously?Jeeves, Sat Nov 18 8:50am
        You are really going there?
      • sexual assault ???
        • Recently posted on SnopesFor the record, Sat Nov 18 12:50pm
      • Please clue me in.PH👻👻EY, Fri Nov 17 8:49pm
        Are you saying this accuser is the woman in all those images of someone who looks like she wants her tits squeezed?
          • How is it that this woman PH🙀🙀EY, Sat Nov 18 9:36am
            comes out NOW and creates a public row? Maybe she is not asleep? And given the photo magazine images, is she rather a day late and a dollar short? Why wear anything at all! Are we being mind f..ked?... more
            • It's OBVIOUSLY a gag photo shot, but it's not clear if she IS or is NOT "in on the gag"
              • By default at least.PH👙👙EY, Wed Nov 22 2:13pm
                But what was she doing on this tour? Her claim to fame, from a soldier's point of view would have been her magazine spreads. It is not like she was a nun. Far from it. I really find the gag photo to... more
                • Your insinuation is not only fallacious ("poisoning the well"), it's despicable. Every woman, regardless of her history or occupation, has the right to not be subjected to that shit if she hasn't... more
                  • You forget the difference betweenPH🌭🌭EY, Wed Nov 22 9:00pm
                    Testosterone and estrogen. One is aggressive. The other is passive. One seeks release. The other fulfillment. I wonder when Demi Moore will be excoriated for her underage predilections? Maybe she has ... more
                    • Sheer clueless bullshit.Poppet, Wed Nov 22 9:48pm
                      Men haven't been able to get away with boorish and/or predatory behavior simply because of their regrettable hormonal imperatives* in decades, you utter fossil. Men who can't keep that shit in check... more
                      • You would not exist PH🌽🌽EY, Wed Nov 22 10:03pm
                        But for that "rib." Give it back! You still fail to address the cultural commercial flaunting of the female like a dangling hook. The male grabs for the bait and is slapped down for being... more
                        • Were I inclined to such beliefs, I suspect my mythologies would predate that so-very-stereotypically-Middle-Eastern line of hoary old patriarchal bullshit. However, I prefer to stick to reality. "You ... more
          • AbsolutelyPikes, Sat Nov 18 12:42am
            If the "grope" was real, it would not have been made in presence of witnesses and photographed. If real, Franken would not be turned toward the camera for approval. However, staged or not, the... more
    • I concur. — Poppet, Thu Nov 16 2:57pm
      • I fail to see what is the big deal.PH☃☃EY, Fri Nov 17 9:02pm
        He was not a senator. He was a comedian at the time. It was a small "guy" joke. What is it nowaday that humor is in such short supply??
        • Humor?Poppet, Sat Nov 18 1:12pm
          Well, if you're twelve years old, I suppose.
          • Some of us never did grow up.PH👀EY, Sat Nov 18 7:30pm
            It's not my kind of humor, granted. Truth is my guffaws require the perverse kind. Otherwise I don't laugh. Gallows humor works for me.
          • Doug Jones LeadPikes, Sat Nov 18 1:34pm
            in Alabama continues to rise and now stands at 12 points. He better be careful because if the lead grows to 13, Roy Moore may want to date it.
            • Ha!Poppet, Sat Nov 18 5:51pm
              *golf clap*
        • Not CERTAIN of that, but the pix seems to fit the scenario HE describes. However, IF it wasn't a scripted gag and he had actually assaulted her, that's NOT a "small guy joke", it's assault.
          • AgreedPH👀EY, Sat Nov 18 9:41am
            But this is obviously not an assault. She has not accused him of a physical moleststion. It's odd but her public disclosure seems to have been a perfect counter balance to the Moore accusations.... more
    • I disagree.HeavyHemi, Thu Nov 16 2:23pm
      The pendulum should not be a cudgel.
      • What do you think he should do? (nm)Jeeves, Thu Nov 16 2:43pm
        • Seems to me..HeavyHemi, Thu Nov 16 3:13pm
          She accepted his apology as sufficient. I agree.
          • He is an elected representativeJeeves, Thu Nov 16 3:46pm
            I think his constituents should get to decide if they still want him to represent them. A special election, in which he is allowed to run, seems fair to me.
            • Losing your job over a single accusation...HeavyHemi, Thu Nov 16 6:51pm
              seems pretty extreme. If they are that concerned, a recall is certainly a course of action.
              • It’s not an accusation Jeeves, Thu Nov 16 9:08pm
                She has photographic evidence and he has basically admitted that he did it. Time to do the right thing.
                • Photographic evidence?HeavyHemi, Thu Nov 16 9:50pm
                  You mean the one where he is NOT touching her? I'll made a deal with you. They know who the photographer is. He can tell us if he touched her or not. If he did, he should resign, or if any more... more
                  • Ring finger on left hand et, Fri Nov 17 12:34am
                    is just vaguely touching. Joking around with that woman surely came back around to haunt him..
                  • DudeJeeves, Thu Nov 16 10:10pm
                    That photo is sexual abuse. Thinking otherwise will get you some relaxing time in jail.
                    • Make me laugh some more.PH🙀🙀EY, Fri Nov 17 9:22pm
                      Obviously you do not know what is a moleststion. Nor a rather benign risqué joke. She is a castrator!
                    • Okay...HeavyHemi, Thu Nov 16 11:32pm
                      Shadows. He's not touching her. Relax, dude.
                      • Seriously the PHOTO is sexual harassmentJeeves, Fri Nov 17 6:23am
                        He could have Photoshopped himself into the picture, it doesn't matter. The IMAGE is sexually harassing. Physical contact isn't needed. Words can do it, but are more difficult to prove without... more
                        • I agree that can certainly be seen that way.HeavyHemi, Fri Nov 17 12:13pm
                          I am glad you now also see that ASSAULT is an entirely different crime. We are dosagreeing on degree and it DOES matter.
                          • I didn't say he ASSUALTED herJeeves, Fri Nov 17 12:23pm
                            Sexual harassment and abuse were the terms I used, and I think they are grounds for calling on him to resign. Her story of what could be seen as actual assault is additional, but unnecessary grounds... more
                            • more enraged than the victim. She accepted his apology as sincere. No other skeletons have emerged. I think Bill Clinton should have resigned. I probably need to burn some pictures of my time... more
                              • Does not anyone have any balls anymore?PH👙👙EY, Fri Nov 17 9:39pm
                                Jesus Stop making excuses for being MALE. This self-castration is what Gloria Steinem sought way back when she and Betty Frieden were destroying the family. Now the American make is a pathetic... more
                              • My experiencePikes, Fri Nov 17 4:23pm
                                I was "approached" twice by female "supervisors." First time, late at night at work, prepping for next day. She and I had a long conversation, alone in her office, about her lonely, sexless,... more
                            • Isn't both timing Pikes, Fri Nov 17 12:44pm
                              and target a little suspicious? One might say that about the Roy Moore saga. A second woman claimed assault against Franken, and after reading I am not so sure. Appeared she did a little of her own... more