Thu Nov 16, 2017 11:32pm

Shadows. He's not touching her. Relax, dude.

  • DudeJeeves, Thu Nov 16 10:10pm
    That photo is sexual abuse. Thinking otherwise will get you some relaxing time in jail.
    • Make me laugh some more.PH🙀🙀EY, Fri Nov 17 9:22pm
      Obviously you do not know what is a moleststion. Nor a rather benign risqué joke. She is a castrator!
    • Okay... — HeavyHemi, Thu Nov 16 11:32pm
      • Seriously the PHOTO is sexual harassmentJeeves, Fri Nov 17 6:23am
        He could have Photoshopped himself into the picture, it doesn't matter. The IMAGE is sexually harassing. Physical contact isn't needed. Words can do it, but are more difficult to prove without... more
        • I agree that can certainly be seen that way.HeavyHemi, Fri Nov 17 12:13pm
          I am glad you now also see that ASSAULT is an entirely different crime. We are dosagreeing on degree and it DOES matter.
          • I didn't say he ASSUALTED herJeeves, Fri Nov 17 12:23pm
            Sexual harassment and abuse were the terms I used, and I think they are grounds for calling on him to resign. Her story of what could be seen as actual assault is additional, but unnecessary grounds... more
            • more enraged than the victim. She accepted his apology as sincere. No other skeletons have emerged. I think Bill Clinton should have resigned. I probably need to burn some pictures of my time... more
              • Does not anyone have any balls anymore?PH👙👙EY, Fri Nov 17 9:39pm
                Jesus Stop making excuses for being MALE. This self-castration is what Gloria Steinem sought way back when she and Betty Frieden were destroying the family. Now the American make is a pathetic... more
              • My experiencePikes, Fri Nov 17 4:23pm
                I was "approached" twice by female "supervisors." First time, late at night at work, prepping for next day. She and I had a long conversation, alone in her office, about her lonely, sexless,... more
            • Isn't both timing Pikes, Fri Nov 17 12:44pm
              and target a little suspicious? One might say that about the Roy Moore saga. A second woman claimed assault against Franken, and after reading I am not so sure. Appeared she did a little of her own... more