Know your ABC's: why I met get to see Bagan in Myanmar
Fri Nov 17, 2017 1:11am

ABC's: American Born Chinese.

Basically, there's the Chinese, Han really, who are born in the US and come to China at some point, and the families that go to the US to have their children born stateside.

Families actually plan to have due dates during 'winter break' or the holidays surrounding CNY and Spring Festival. A couple students I tutor, from wealthy families, will be heading to the states this holiday season so their families can have their second children in California.

As with others, this is freeing up my schedule, allowing for more travel time.

Means that my extended vacation plans of seeing Siem Reap, where Angkor Wat is in Cambodia, and Bangkok this winter might be extended even further to include seeing Bagan in Myanmar.

It's funny really. Sitting in TST, or Central, in Hong Kong eating dim sum with friends and planning where and when international meet-ups will occur because of the 'anchor baby' issue, while almost every single thing we read about it from the West is, at least, skewed.

Fascinating seeing things from the inside as it were: so often they look almost nothing like what those from the outside are describing.

Anyway, Bagan needs a real airport, this is a logistical pain in the ass.

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