Fri Nov 17, 2017 12:39pm

We did that, and even with plans in place, efforts by sharks praying to overcharge this and that, above the already agreed deals, attempting to play on sympathy, one of whom was a former occasional preacher at my old church, could curl hair. They didn't succeed with their sympathy fraud, but they sure made the attempt, and it taught me a valuable lesson in the ongoing treachery of humanity. I learned a number of people and her former employer had life insurance policies they took out, unknown to her or me, and in order for them to collect, I was to authorize. I wish you could see the squint of disgust on my face then, and now. I believe people who have no interest or relationship have no business taking out life insurance policies on anyone. Shame on them all- sellers and buyers.

  • Discuss their wants and needs NOW. Sia☺giah, Wed Nov 15 10:47pm
    Discuss end-of-life care options and wishes NOW. Discuss funeral arrangements and things they want done or NOT done NOW. Prepay funeral costs or at least do up a funeral PLAN that you can follow when ... more
    • Absolutely — Pikes, Fri Nov 17 12:39pm